Аукціон за методом покрокового зниження стартової ціни та подальшого подання цінових пропозицій

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  • PJSC “Ukrzakhidvuglebud”

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    PJSC “Ukrzakhidvuglebud” is a mine construction company that specializes in the construction and repair of coal mining enterprises, facilities, and industrial, residential and other purposes communications, construction and repair of roads, transportation services.

    Since 1999, the company has been the general contractor for the construction of the only new mine-building in Ukraine #10 “Novovolynska”, which is carried out exclusively at the expense of the State Budget of Ukraine, the main administrator of which is the Ministry of Energy. Today, the construction of the mine is one of the main sources of existence of the mine construction company PJSC “Ukrzahidvuglebud”.

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  • State enterprise “Plant “Radiorele”

    The company uses technologies of precision stamping, plastic casting and stamping; high-precision machining of stainless steels; vacuum spraying of precious metals; technologies of high cleaning of knots and products, and also laser, microplasma, contact and shock butt welding.

    The list of products manufactured by the company includes more than 50 types of relays. In particular, the company is engaged in the production of electromagnetic, low-current relays, including: electromagnetic relays for special purposes; electrothermal relays; relay of industrial automation.

    Additional services provided by the company include: forging and pressing production, galvanic coating services, laser and micro welding services, production of dies, molds, molds according to the customer’s drawings.

    The company’s products are used in industrial automation, control systems, ground and onboard equipment, telecommunications information transmission systems, television, refrigeration equipment, as well as in medicine and everyday life.

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