Large privatization

Large-scale privatization objects include state-owned enterprises, the value of which exceeds UAH 250m. The sale of such enterprises involves investment advisers, who gather all the necessary information, prepare the object for privatization and look for potential investors. Each large-scale privatization object is unique, so the preparation for the sale of each will be carried out separately and as efficiently as possible – for the sale at the highest price. Then, a public open competition is conducted to determine the winner.

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  • JSC “First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant”


    JSC “ First Kyiv Machine-building Plant” was founded in 1882. From the last quarter of the XX century the «Bilshovyk» plant became and still remains the leading enterprise among the CIS and Eastern Europe countries in manufacturing of large-tonnage equipment with a big single output for processing rubber, plastics or their waste.

    This plant is actually an only multi-purpose machine-building complex with a full cycle production in the Kyiv City.

    The enterprise offers to its customers services of highly skilled engineers and workers with a big complex of various metal-processing machines, welding, foundry, galvanic instrumental, woodworking and other types of equipment.

    Progressive technological processes are being applied, including plasma fusing, figured cutting, local thermal strengthening, fusing with laser beam etc. All these technological possibilities and the intellectual potential are aimed at manufacturing of a wide range of products.


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  • JSC “United Mining and Chemical Company”


    JSC United Mining and Chemical Company specializes in development of titanium-zircon deposits and production of rutile, ilmenite and zircon concentrate, and also concentrate enrichment services. The company’s subsidiaries are producing and enriching titanium ore in Ukraine and are one of the world’s largest producers of these minerals.


    • The Malyshevske Deposit (VMMP subsidiary, Dnipropetrovsk Region).
    • The Mezhyrichne Deposit (IMPP subsidiary, Zhytomyr Region).

    For detailed information on mineral reserves, please write to The link to enter the virtual data room with the document repository will be sent to your email.

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