Large privatization

Large-scale privatization objects include state-owned enterprises, the value of which exceeds UAH 250m. The sale of such enterprises involves investment advisers, who gather all the necessary information, prepare the object for privatization and look for potential investors. Each large-scale privatization object is unique, so the preparation for the sale of each will be carried out separately and as efficiently as possible – for the sale at the highest price. Then, a public open competition is conducted to determine the winner.

Important information on the large-scale privatization plans in 2020

In the context of global economic turbulence caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the State Property Fund decided to refrain from putting large-scale privatization objects up for sales until the situation on the financial markets is stable. The state policy is to find a profile investor who will offer the highest price in a fair tender and will be able to fulfill all post-privatization conditions. Now is not the best time to hold tenders to sell large SOEs – investors and entire countries are now facing a pandemic crisis, a global decline of business activity, and the fall of the world economy. However, the preparation of enterprises to attract investors continues. Audits and and development of marketing materials are carried out for the fastest auctioning of objects immediately after the crisis.

Process Flow of Large-scale privatization

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  • ПАТ “Центренерго”

    Є одним з найбільших сучасних підприємств електроенергетичної галузі країни і єдиною в Україні державною енергогенеруючою компанією, що має вагомі конкурентні переваги та значний потенціал розвитку. Основними видами діяльності ПАТ “Центренерго” є виробництво електричної енергії, що постачається в оптовий ринок електричної енергії України та виробництво теплової енергії. У загальному обсязі виробництва електроенергії України частка компанії складає близько 8%, в структурі теплової генерації – близько 18%. Відіграє істотну роль у підтримці та регулювання енергобалансу країни.

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  • JSC “First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant”

    JSC “ First Kyiv Machine-building Plant” was founded in 1882. From the last quarter of the XX century the «Bilshovyk» plant became and still remains the leading enterprise among the CIS and Eastern Europe countries in manufacturing of large-tonnage equipment with a big single output for processing rubber, plastics or their waste.

    This plant is actually an only multi-purpose machine-building complex with a full cycle production in the Kyiv City.

    The enterprise offers to its customers services of highly skilled engineers and workers with a big complex of various metal-processing machines, welding, foundry, galvanic instrumental, woodworking and other types of equipment.

    Progressive technological processes are being applied, including plasma fusing, figured cutting, local thermal strengthening, fusing with laser beam etc. All these technological possibilities and the intellectual potential are aimed at manufacturing of a wide range of products.


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  • PRJSC “Indar”

    The company with a complete technological cycle of production of genetically engineered insulins from substance to finished dosage forms. Production by own technology of the whole spectrum of human insulin preparations recombinant. The capacity of Kyiv’s Indar insulin plant allows the production of 13-15 million bottles of the drug per year. The only producer of animal insulin in Ukraine.

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  • PJSC “Azovmash”

    PJSC “Azovmash” produces railway cars and tankwagons, large wagon casting, shaped casting for power and transport engineering, metallurgical, mining and other industries, cast iron production equipment, hoisting and transport equipment, mining equipment.

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  • PJSC “Centrenergo”

    PJSC “Centrenergo” is one of the leading energy generating companies in Ukraine which is engaged in the production and supply of electricity and heat. It operates 3 combined heat and power plants (CHPs): Vuhlehirska, Zmiivska and Trypilska with total installed capacity of 7 690 MW, which amounts to approx. 15% of total power generation volume in Ukraine, and a separate manufacturing company “Remenergo”, which performs the repair of the main and auxiliary equipment of CHPs. In 2018, Centrenergo’s share of total power generated by all CHPs was 20%. Meanwhile, the company’s total installed capacity reaches 31% which implies significant potential for increasing market share.

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  • JSC “Ternopiloblenergo”

    Provides energy transmission and supply in Ternopil region. The company owns 23,870 km of grid with a total transformation capacity of 4,382 MW-A. The company serves approximately 0.4 million domestic customers and several hundred industrial users (mainly light and food industry plants, agricultural enterprises). Distribution of consumers in terms of sales: 53.5% – household consumers; 13.7% – industrial customers; 12.7% – municipal and state consumers; about 20.1% – other non-industrial consumers.

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  • PJSC “Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo”

    The company is in the TOP-10 largest electricity suppliers in Ukraine. The company supplies electricity to the highly industrialized Zaporizhia region. Serves 758,489 household consumers and 23,418 enterprises, including: steel and alloy producers: PJSC “Zaporizhstal” and PJSC “Dniprospetsstal”, PJSC “Zaporizhzhya Ferroalloy Plant”, machine-building plants (in particular, PJSC “Motor Sich”). PJSC “Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo” owns 37,000 km of overhead power lines, including 35-150 kV – 7000 km, step-down substations with a voltage of 35-150 kV – 266 units, with power transformers with a voltage of 35-150 kV – 523 units installed at these substations.

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  • JSC “Kharkivoblenergo”

    The company provides distribution of electricity, provision of commercial metering services. The company has 6 district sales offices in Kharkiv, 28 offices in Kharkiv region and 3 high voltage power districts.

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  • JSC “Mykolaivoblenergo”

    The company provides transmission and supply of energy in the Mykolaiv area. The company is a monopolist in the region and serves 467 000 household and 16 000 commercial and industrial consumers. Retail and industrial enterprises are the main consumers, generating 39% and 24% of revenue, respectively. The installed transformer capacity is 3472 MW-A (6,277 substations). The company owns 24 000 km of overhead power lines and 1 536 km of underground lines.

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  • JSC “Khmelnytskoblenergo”

    The company provides transmission and supply of electricity in Khmelnytsky region. The company occupies about 80% of the market in the region. The company serves 550,310 domestic consumers and 20,170 commercial and industrial customers. Retail, industrial and other commercial enterprises are the main customers, whose sales are 42%, 13% and 11%, respectively. Installed transformation capacity – 3 341 MW-A (7 522 substations). PJSC “Khmelnitskoblenergo” owns 33,000 km of overhead lines and 1,500 km of cable transmission lines.

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  • JSC “Kherson CHP”

    Company’s business activities are: generation of electric power, supply of heat and electric power. The company’s balance sheet holds 8 central, 56 individual heat lines, 110 heating connection points, 4 booster and transfer pumping stations.

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  • JSC “Dnipro CHP”

    Company’s business activities are electricity, steam, hot water and air conditioning supply. Facilities iclude electric power capacity 61.6 MW, thermal power capacity 500 Gcal /h, including 187 Gcal/h from ROU boilers. The heating unit of the CHP plant consists of 18 boilers, 6 ROU, condensate, network and feed pumps.

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