Recreation center “Sosnoviy Bor”

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The “Sosnovy Bor” camping site includes: the holiday house – 76.9 sq. m.,  the holiday house – 72.1 sq. m.; the holiday house – 76.7 sq. m, the holiday house – 15.1 sq. m.; the barn – 6.8 sq. m; the holiday house (together with the drain hole); the holiday house – 71.2 sq. m. (together with the alcove – 18.8 sq.m.); the holiday house  – 73.9 sq. m. (together with the alcove – 15.0 sq.m.); the holiday house; the holiday house; the holiday house; the holiday house; the holiday house – 71.9 sq.m (together with the alcove – 18.6 sq.m); the holiday house; the holiday house; the holiday house; the holiday house; the holiday house – library; the holiday house – 34.9 sq. m. (together with the alcove – 11.2 sq. m.); utility buildings (including: shower room – 48.8 sq. m.; dressing room – 12.2 sq. m., temporary shed – 2.3 sq. m); canteen; extension to the canteen; reading room; reading room – 21.1 sq. m (together with the the alcoves – 16.6 sq. m and  21.4 sq. m); room above the well – 17.9 sq. m (together with an administrative building – 284.4 sq. m.); summer movie theater with cinema operator room (together with the kiosk  – 5.3 sq. m); dining hall  (together with the club-dining room (unfinished) – 31.6 sq.m.); generator room (together with the generator house – 26.8 sq. m.); canopy in the dining room 23 (together with canopies – 45.5 sq. m., 37.5 sq. m., 38.5 sq. m.; temporary – 6 .3 sq. m., 6.3 sq. m., 6.3 sq. m.); toilet room (together with another toilet room – 7.9 sq. m.); transformer substation (together with the sheds 34.6 sq. m. and  52.3 sq. m., container premises – 16.9 sq. m); toilet room; the holiday house (infirmary) (together with the foundations under the house – 44.4 sq. m and 43.8 sq. m); the holiday house (together with the garage – 19.3 sq. m.); the holiday house; the road; cellar; pontoon; boat pier; reinforced concrete fortifications; well; metal fence of the well; dance floor; volleyball court; fence (together with paving); telephoning; external water supply networks and others. Object registration number – 1423134112232. Balance holder – PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “DNIPROPETROVSK PIPE PLANT”.

Additional information

Asset address Dnipropetrovsk region, Novomoskovsk district, Orlivshchyna village, Lisniy lane, 8
Region Dnepropetrovsk
Balance holder PJSC "Dnipropetrovsk Pipe Plant", USREOU code 05393122
Responsible for the preparation of the object Regional branch of the SPFU in Dnipropetrivsk, Zaporizhia and Kirovohrad regions, USREOU code (ЄДРПОУ) 42767945
Contact person for the object Svitlana O. Nerush, tel. +38 (056) 744-11-42
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Order of the Fund dated March 27, 2018 No. 447 "On approval of lists of small privatization objects to be privatized in 2018"
Order of the SPFU RV on the decision on privatization № 12/01-152-РП dated 18.08.2021

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