Joint-Stock Company “Vinnytsia plant “Krystal”

Category: Status: Auction resolved. Contract signed
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44 966 000

Winner price:

₴44 966 000

Block of shares (100%) of the Joint-Stock Company “Vinnytsia Plant” Krystal “in the amount of UAH 89,932,000.00.

Object documentation

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Name of the privatization object: state block of shares of Vinnytsia Plant “Krystal” in the amount of 89932000 units, which is 100% of the authorized capital of the company.

Location: 21100, Vinnytsia, 600th anniversary St., 21.

USREOU code (ЄДРПОУ): 33323245.

The amount of the authorized capital of the company: UAH 89,932,000.00.

Average number of employees as of 30.06.2022: 49 people.

Main activity according to NACE: 32.12 – Manufacture of jewellery.

The main range of products: jewelry, export – absent.

The volume of sales of products (works, services) of the company for the period of 2019 – 6 months 2022: UAH 49,731 thousand, including export sales – UAH 0 thousand.

The Company has a registered trademark (certificate for a mark for goods and services № 144400, registered in the State Register of Certificates of Ukraine for Marks for Goods and Services on September 12, 2011).

Description: JSC “Vinnytsia plant “Krystal” is a unique enterprise in Ukraine for processing diamonds into brilliants. The company can produce diamonds of classic round shapes on 57 faces. All necessary  technological equipment for all operations of the technological process of processing diamond raw materials and production of jewelry with diamond inserts is present. The technological process corresponds to TUU 36.2-00226744-001: 2007 and DSTU 3527-97 “Goldsmith’s products”. The company manufactures more than 5,000 models of high-quality jewelry sold under the brand name “Vinnytsia-Krystal”.

Volume and main range of products (works, services):

Period Total income

thousand UAH

Income by main activity, thousand UAH
2019 17963 15983
2020 12534 11716
2021 13461 13384
6m of 2022 5773 5763

The main indicators of the enterprise’s economic activity:

Indicators (thousand UAH) 2019 2020 2021 6m 2022
1. Assets 41282 88510 86069 83059
1.1 Fixed assets 10421 55159 51980 50505
1.2 Current assets 30856 33346 34084 32549
2. Liabilities 41282 88510 86069 83059
3. Total income, including: 19752 14339 15556 6569
3.1 Net income from sales of products (goods, works, services) 17963 12534 13461 5773
4. Total costs, including: 23082 16942 18680 8682
4.1 Cost of goods sold (goods, works,services) 11433 7880 8192 3558
4.2 Administrative costs 6144 5028 6399 3262
4.4 Other operating costs 2456 2332 2707 1241
4.6 Income tax expenses 0 0 0 0
5. Net profit (loss) -3330 -2603 -3124 -2113

As of June 30, 2022, there are no overdue accounts payable.

Object information (real estate): the object includes 14 registered units of real estate (industrial, warehouse, non-residential premises, garage, shop, etc.) with a total area of ​​9533.0 sq. m., located at:

  • Vinnytsia, 600th anniversary St., 21,
  • Vinnytsia, Pavlova St., 4,
  • Vinnytsia, Pirogova St., 112,
  • Cherkasy, Shevchenko Boulevard, 256.

Information about the land plot located at: Vinnytsia, 600th anniversary St., 21:

Name Land area Cadastral number Purpose of the land plot Form of ownership, grounds for state registration
Land plot 1,9959  ha 0510100000:02:067:0076 For placement and operation of the main, additional and auxiliary buildings and constructions of the enterprises of processing, machine-building and other industry State. The land plot is in constant use of JSC Vinnytsia plant “Krystal”.

Information from the State Register of Real Property Rights and the Register of Real Estate Ownership Rights, the State Register of Mortgages, the Unified Register of Prohibitions on Expropriation of Real Estate Objects in Relation to Immovable Property, information reference number: 307272149 dated 12.08.2022

There are no civil defense facilities on the company’s balance sheet.

As of August 31, 2022, there are no lease agreements for the company’s property.

Volumes of emissions and discharges of pollutants into the environment and payment of environmental fees and charges:

Pollution type 2021
Emissions, tons Tax amount, UAH
Emissions 0.022224 14.15
Discharges 9.8390 3237.12

The company belongs to the 3rd category of activity in accordance with the requirements of Art. 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Impact Assessment” and does not fall under the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Audit“.

Privatization conditions:

  • repayment of debts on wages, before the budget within 6 months;
  • preventing the dismissal of employees during 6 months.

Time and place of inspection of the object: on working days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – from 8.00 to 17.00, on Friday – from 8.00 to 16.00 at its location at: Vinnytsia, 600th anniversary St., 21.

Tel. (+380432) 55-54-74, mobile +308 050 3130380, e-mail address:

Contact person at the site: Acting Chief Accountant of JSC “Vinnytsia Plant “Krystal” Olena M. Tsyupiy.

Auction organizer: Regional Branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky regions, address: Vinnytsia, Gogolya St., 10. Website address

Phones for inquiries: (+380432) 67-26-08.

Additional information

Bid date 25.11.2022
Part Capital 100
Asset address Ukraine, 21100, Vinnytsia region, Vinnytsia, 600th anniversary St., 21
Region Vinnytsia
Balance holder Joint-stock company "Vinnytsia plant" Krystal ", USREOU code 33323245
Type of activity according to NACE 32.12 Manufacture of jewelery and related articles (main)
28.49 Manufacture of other machine tools
20.59 Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.
24.53 Casting of light metals
25.61 Treatment and coating of metals
25.62 Machining
46.48 Wholesale of watches and jewellery
46.49 Wholesale of other household goods
77.32 Rental and leasing of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
77.33 Rental and leasing of office machinery and equipment (including computers)
77.39 Rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods n.e.c.
85.32 Technical and vocational secondary education
85.59 Other education n.e.c.
86.21 General medical practice activities
93.12 Activities of sports clubs
95.11 Repair of computers and peripheral equipment
47.77 Retail sale of watches and jewellery in specialised stores
49.39 Other passenger land transport n.e.c.
49.41 Freight transport by road
49.42 Removal services
56.29 Other food service activities
68.20 Rental and operating of own or leased real estate
77.11 Rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles
77.12 Rental and leasing of trucks
32.50 Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
33.12 Repair of machinery
33.19 Repair of other equipment
Contact person for the object Tetyana O. Otkidach,, +380432672746
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 1842 dated 17.11.2020
Order of the SPFU RV on the decision on privatization № 1310 dated 15.12.2020
Method of privatization Auction by the method of step-by-step reduction of the starting price and subsequent submission of price proposals
Initial cost 44966000
Warranty fee 8993200
Acceptance of applications to 25/11/2022
Information about the winner Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю "Аргон Фуд" Україна, Вінницька область, Вінниця, Вінницька область, м. Вінниця, вул. Ширшова, 31
The price is offered by the winner 44966000

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