How to initiate privatization

Privatization is simple and transparent!

Potential buyers, both ordinary citizens and enterprises, can initiate the inclusion of objects in the privatization list. If you see an abandoned building or a non-working workshop that can help in the development of your business or will be useful to your community – apply for the inclusion of a public property in the list of objects to be privatized and buy them at transparent auctions.

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If you have all the necessary information about the object, then according to Art. 11 Law of Ukraine “On privatization of state and municipal property”, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Download the relevant application, print, fill out and sign it. To download the application form, use the required button.

Objects of small privatization

Objects of large privatization

2. Prepare copies of documents, certifying all pages:

  1. with a personal signature, surname and initials;
  2. with a mark “In accordance with the original”;
  3. with date.

List of required documents:

For individuals:

For citizens of Ukraine: a copy of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine;

For foreign citizens: a copy of a passport or a copy of an identity document.

For legal entities:

For residents:

  • Сopy of the representative’s passport if the application is signed by a person authorized by the head of a legal entity, or a representative of an individual;
  • Power of attorney or other document certifying the right to represent a legal or individual person.

For non-residents:

  • Document on registration in the state of location (for example, an extract from the commercial, bank or court register, etc.). The document must be certified in accordance with the legislation of the state of issue;
  • Translation of the registration document in Ukrainian;
  • Copy of the representative’s passport;
  • Power of attorney or other document certifying the right to represent a legal entity. If the document is presented in the language of the country that issued it, it is necessary to add the Ukrainian translation;
  • If the identity document is a citizen’s passport with a contactless electronic carrier, a copy of such a passport with the relevant supporting information is attached to the application.

3. Applications are submitted in one copy – in case of filing an application for objects of small privatization and in two copies – in case of filing an application for objects of large privatization.

The regional branch of the Fund, in turn, will apply to the management body of this state property for inclusion it in the list of privatization.

The answer regarding objects of small privatization will be sent to the indicated address within 35 days from the date of receipt.

The appeal on objects of large privatization will be considered by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


If you do not have all the necessary information about the object that you intend to privatize, we suggest you to use the free administrative service “Providing information (information or extracts) from the Unified Register of State Property Objects”, as well as searching for information on business entities to clarify information on the object of privatization.

Refusal to include an object in the privatization list is possible if:
  • The proposed object is an enterprise in the process of liquidation;
  • There are legal restrictions on the privatization of the proposed object;
  • The governing body provided a reasoned refusal;
  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine did not agree on the inclusion of the object in the list (large privatization).
We remind you that the initiator does not undertake any obligations to participate in the privatization auction.


Privatization objects already included in the list can be found in the section on small and large privatizations