«Potential investors can still join the auction for the privatization of «Electronmash»» said Dmytro Sennychenko

On November 11, the acceptance of applications for participation in the auction for privatization of SE «Electronmash»ends, what will be held on November 12. The starting price of the enterprise is UAH 66.7 million, and the market value will be determined by the auction. The new owner of the plant will be able to transform the state-owned enterprise into a productive one, creating new jobs there and developing the territory.

If then, in the 90s, the company found an effective private owner, we would have a manufacturer of competitive high-tech products today.

In 2017, Electronmash was actively raided, because some persons wanted to misappropriate its property for free.

«The alternative to such a cynical «wring out» is a civilized transparent privatization,» Dmytro Sennychenko stressed. He said that the online auction for sale of Electronmash will take place on November 12.

«The starting price is UAH 66.7 million. This is the book value of assets, which is the norm during the so-called «small privatization». We will find out the market value after the end of bidding the day after tomorrow. Applications for participation in the auction for the privatization of “Electronmash» are accepted until the evening of November 11. That is, potential investors can still join the auction,» said the Chairman of the State Property Fund.

He believes that private business will be managing the plant better than the state.

«This is the meaning of privatization – to turn unproductive enterprises into productive ones. And these are new jobs, taxes to the budget, development of the territory, introduction of new technologies and many other things. The task of the state is to ensure conditions but not to lead businesses (as well as provide fair taxation and guarantee fair courts), »Dmytro Sennychenko said.

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