Chernivtsi: The Expert- Technique Center Derzhpratsi wil be privatized

On May 26, 2021 e-auction will be held for privatization the Single Property Complex of State Enterprise «Chernivtsi Expert-Technique Center Derzhpratsi».

One of the main enterprise’s activities according to the Statute is technical test and researching. Among other types of activities are: engineering, geology and geodesy works, profession-technique education and others.

Enterprise has non residential premises with total area of 374.5 sq. m on administrative building at the address: 3, Zelena St., Chernivtsi, and movable property (Renault Logan Universal, 2011, Skoda Universal, 2008).

Starting price of Single Property Complex of State Enterprise «Chernivtsi Expert-Techique Center Derzhpratsi» is UAH1, 950, 000. Accepting of applications for the participation in the e-auction lasts until May 25, 2021.

We are recalling that a total of 23 expert and technical centers of the State Labour Service of Ukraine providing services in the field of labour protection and hygiene, industrial safety, etc. will be put up for transparent privatization.

The privatization of these assets is due to the fact that they are not relevant to the state; their activities can be carried out by private enterprises. Investors are offered an already operating business with a client’s data base and market experience.

More detailed information on the Chernivtsi Expert and Technical Center of the State Labour you can find:

More information on the privatization project of 23 expert-technical centers of the State Labour:

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