Privatization of a mansion of the early twentieth century in Khmelnytsk region will be auctioned

On April 7, privatization of separate property, the real estate in the central part of Derazhnia town, Khmelnitsk region, will be online auctioned.

The privatization object is a building, located at: 89, Myru Street, with the total area of 712.9 sq. m., 1917 year of construction. It is known as a private mansion of the lawyer Perytorin. This location is included in most tourist guides of the historical town of Derazhnia.

The house is on the balance of the Department of Ministry of Justice. The historical landmark requires investments of a new effective owner, who will be attracted through the transparent privatization auction.

The starting price is UAH 319.4 thousand, and accepting applications for participation in the auction will last until April 6.

For more detailed information on this privatization object, please follow the link:

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