Property complex of SOE “Agricultural Enterprise “Zemelnyi fond”

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8 521 770

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₴43 000 000

Property complex of  SOE “Agricultural Enterprise “Zemelnyi fond” located at the address: Kyiv city, 1 Borysa Hrinchenka St.

Object documentation



Name of the privatization object: property complex of SOE “Agricultural Enterprise “Zemelnyi fond”.

Location: 01001, Kyiv city, 1 Borysa Hrinchenka St.

USREOU code (ЄДРПОУ): 37202164.

The average number of employees as of 30.09.2023: 7 people.

The main type of economic activity according to the Charter: business and other management consultancy activities.

Sales volume of products (works, services) for the period 2020 – 9 months of 2023: UAH 5,915.2 thousand, including export – UAH 0 thousand.

Main range of products (works, services): activities of hotels and similar temporary accommodation facilities.

Volume and main nomenclature of products (works, services):

Period Total income

thousand UAH

Income by main activity

thousand UAH

2020 1410.0 1410.0
2021 1936.1 1936.1
2022 1295.9 1295.9
9 mos of 2023 1273.2 1273.2

Main financial indicators:

# Indicators

(thousand UAH)

2020 2021 2022 9 mos 2023
1. Assets 4850.5 4548.0 3272.9 8521.7
1.1 Non-Current assets 4562.2 4203.7 3054.6 7968.0
1.2 Current assets 288.3 344.3 194.9 530.3
2. Liabilities 4850.5 4548.0 3272.9 8521.7
3. Total income, including: 1410.0 1936.1 1295.9 1273.2
3.1 Net income from sales of products (goods, works, services) 1407.7 1934.6 1295.4 1272.9
4. Total costs, including: 1511.3 2867.4 3524.3 1819.6
4.1 Cost of goods sold (goods, works, services) 22.5 2.5 0.6
4.2 Administrative costs 390.1 422.5 444.7 451.7
4.4 Other operating costs 1488.8 2867.4 3521.8 1819.0
4.6 Income tax expenses
5. Net profit (loss) 101.3 934.7 2228.4 546.4

As of 30.09.2023:

There are no overdue accounts payable.

Current accounts payable – UAH 8,001.1 thousand, including:

  • for goods, works, services – UAH 3,347.5 thousand;
  • wage arrears – UAH 21.7 thousand;
  • settlements before the budget – UAH 3.1 thousand;
  • for insurance – UAH 3.5 thousand;
  • according to internal calculations – UAH 0 thousand;
  • other current liabilities – UAH 4,625.3 thousand.

Information about the object (real estate): the object includes 15 registered real estate units with a total area of 7,285.1 sq. m., namely:

  • building of the Kolos hotel with a total area of 1,856.7 sq. m located at the address: Kyiv city, 3A Priorska St.;
  • 14 units of buildings and structures (building, service station, checkpoint, boiler house, vehicle security room, warehouses, water storage building, electrical shop, battery room, fuel and lubricants room, forge, washing building, restroom, garage, etc.) with a total area 5,428.4 sq. m located at the address: Zhytomyr city, 56 Korostishivska St.

All real estate of the state owned enterprise “Agricultural Enterprise “Zemelnyi fond” has been seized.

Property complex of  SOE “Agricultural Enterprise “Zemelnyi fond” also includes movable property (fire extinguishers, water heaters, electric convectors, switches, controllers, computer equipment, household appliances etc.) with a total

number of 48 units.

Information about land plots: 2 registered land plots with a total area of 0.5730 hectares located at the addresses:

  • Kyiv city, 3A Priorska St. (0.1882 ha);
  • Zhytomyr city, 56 Korostishivska St. (0.3848 ha).

According to information from the State Register of Rights to Real Estate and the Register of Ownership Rights to Real Estate, the State Register of Mortgages, the Unified Register of Prohibitions on the Alienation of Real Estate in relation to a real estate object (information certificate No. 359300180 dated December 20, 2023) the land plot with an area of 0.3848 hectares, including the land plot under buildings and structures with an area of 0.0948 hectares, the land plot under driveways, passages and platforms with an area of 0.2900 hectares, is leased to an individual on the basis of a lease agreement dated 10.08.2021, expiration date is 10.08.2026.

Information on lease agreements concluded for the property: there are no lease agreements.

There are no objects on the balance sheet of the enterprise that are not subject to privatization.

The enterprise does not emit or discharge pollutants into the environment.

Information about the presence/absence of mobilization tasks: there are no mobilization tasks (orders) at the enterprise.

Privatization conditions:

  • preventing the dismissal of employees during 6 months;
  • repayment of debts on wages and to the budget within 6 months.

Time and place of inspection of the facility: on weekdays from 9-00 to 16-00 at the following addresses:

  • Kyiv city, 3A Priorska St.;
  • Zhytomyr city, 56 Korostishivska St.

Phone: +38067-408-23-28, e-mail:

Responsible person: Vyacheslav Y. Kyrylchuk, Commercial Director of the State Owned Enterprise “Agricultural Enterprise “Zemelnyi fond”.

Auction organizer: Kyiv regional office of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, Kyiv city , 50-G Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard, website address –

Phone for information: (+38044) 281-00-35.

Additional information

Bid date 17.01.2024
Asset address 01001, Kyiv city, 1 Borysa Hrinchenka St.
Region Kyiv city
Balance holder SOE “Agricultural Enterprise “Zemelnyi fond”, USREOU code 37202164
Type of activity according to NACE 70.22 Business and other management consultancy activities (main)
01.11 Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds
01.41 Raising of dairy cattle
01.47 Raising of poultry
55.10 Hotels and similar accommodation
68.20 Rental and operating of own or leased real estate
69.10 Legal activities
Responsible for the preparation of the object Regional branch office of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the city of Kyiv, USREOU code; 19030825.
Contact person for the object Larisa M. Golishevska, +380442810035,
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated March 10, 2023 No. 465 "On Amendments to Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated January 4, 2022 No. 1 "On Approval of Lists of Small Privatization Objects Subject to Privatization (with Amendments)"
Order of the SPFU RV on the decision on privatization № 323 dated 13.03.2023
Method of privatization Auction with/without conditions
Initial cost 8 521 770,06
Warranty fee 1 704 354,01
Acceptance of applications to 16/01/2024
Information about the winner Limited liability company "FACTORY VIKON "OCEAN"", EDRPOU code 34216352, Ukraine, 10005, Zhytomyr region, Zhytomyr city, Chudnivska street, building 92
The price is offered by the winner 43000000.00

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