Property complex of SOE “Vinnytsia Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”

Property complex of SOE “Vinnytsia Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”, Vinnytsia, Tsehelnyi Lane, 12.

The leading enterprise in the field of providing services on labor protection and industrial safety in Vinnytsia region.

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Name of the privatization object: property complex of SOE “Vinnytsia Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”.

Location: 21100, Vinnytsia, Tsehelnyi Lane, 12.

USREOU code (ЄДРПОУ): 21727350.

The average number of employees as of March 31, 2021: 23 people.

Main activity, according to the Statute: 71.20 Technical tests and research.

The volume of sales of products (works, services) for the period 2018-2020: UAH 28313.0 thousand.

Main product range:

– According to NACE 71.20 Technical tests and research

  • Conducting a survey of the safety of industrial production to obtain a permit in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1107 dated 26.10.2011;
  • Examination of the safety declaration, working project;
  • Expert inspection and technical inspection of boilers, vessels, cranes, elevators, amusement equipment of technological vehicles, elevators, steam and hot water pipelines;
  • Conformity assessment of NPAOP mechanisms;
  • Expert inspection and electrical measurements of electrical equipment;
  • Sanitary and hygienic research of factors of the production environment and labor process for certification of workplaces under working conditions;

– According to NACE 85.59 Other types of education

  • Training of normative-legal acts on labor protection issues.

Volume and main nomenclature of products (works, services):

Period Total income

thousand UAH

Income by main activity, thousand UAH
2018 10438.0 9920.0
2019 10798.0 10228.0
2020 7077.0 6504.0
1q 2021 952.0 838.0

The main indicators of the enterprise’s economic activity:

Indicators (thousand UAH) 2018 2019 2020 1q. 2021
1. Assets 4344 6194 3141 2860
1.1 Non-Current assets 784 486 415 385
1.2 Current assets 3560 5708 2726 2475
2. Liabilities 4344 6194 3141 2860
3. Total income, including: 10576 10990 7158 952
3.1 Net income from sales of products (goods, works, services) 10438 10798 7077 952
4. Total costs, including: 10046 10254 7372 1274
4.1 Cost of goods sold (goods, works,services) 6974 7147 5120 973
4.2 Administrative costs 2692 2434 2062 249
4.4 Other operating costs 167 375 188 51
4.6 Income tax expenses 116 161
5. Net profit (loss) 530 736 -214 -322

As of 31.03.2021: Overdue payables is absent.

Current payables, including:

  • Wage arrears – UAH 129.0 thousand;
  • Calculations with the budget – UAH 70.0 thousand;
  • Insurance calculations – UAH 28.0 thousand;

Current payables

  • on received advances – UAH 336.0 thousand;
  • other accounts payable – UAH 72.0 thousand.

Property information (real estate): no real estate.

Information about the land plots: no land plot.

SOE “Vinnytsia Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service  for Labor of Ukraine” is located in the rented premises with an area of ​​389.92 sq. m. on the fourth floor of a four-storey post office building in Vinnytsia, Soborna St. № 8, according to the lease agreement №05Е000-554/19 dated 28.10.2019.

The lease agreement is valid until 31.08.2022.

Information about motor vehicles:

  • Chevrolet Evanda passenger car, 2005 model year, АВ0182СМ;
  • Chevrolet Lacetti passenger car, 2007 model year, АВ0227СМ;
  • Renault Megane passenger car, 2008 model year, АВ0183СМ;
  • Renault Koleos passenger car, 2011 model year, АВ0225СМ;
  • Fiat Scudo passenger сar, 2004 model year, АВ0184СМ.

Volumes of emissions and discharges of pollutants: emissions and discharges of pollutants into the environment are not carried out, waste at the enterprise is not generated and stored.

Privatization conditions:

  • preservation of the main activities of the enterprise for one year;
  • preventing the dismissal of employees during 6 months;
  • repayment of accounts payable incurred at the time of transfer of ownership, namely: wages and tax payments that are accrued and paid when accruing wages (military tax, personal income tax, single social security tax, insurance payments to the Pension fund) within 1 month and other accounts payable within 3 months.

Time and place of the object inspection: on working days from 8-00 to 17-00 at its location. Tel.: (+380432) 55-28-31, +38067-963-89-63, Email:

Responsible person: Leonid Yankovy, Acting Director of SOE “Vinnytsia Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”.

Auction organizer: Regional Branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky regions, address: Vinnytsia, Gogolya St., 10, website address – . Phones for inquiries: (+380432) 67-27-46.

Additional information

Object address

Vinnytsia, Tsehelnyi Lane, 12



Balance holder

SOE “Vinnytsia Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”, USREOU code 21727350

The main type of economic activity according to the NACE

71.20 Technical tests and research (main);
82.99 Provision of other ancillary commercial services;
85.32 Vocational and technical education;
85.59 Other types of education;
86.21 General medical practice;
86.22 Specialized medical practice;
71.12 Activities in the field of engineering, geology and geodesy, providing technical consulting services in these areas

Contact person for the object

Tetyana O. Otkidach,, +380432672746

The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects

Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 1321 dated 13.12.2019 "On amendments to the order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine № 1637 dated 27.12.2018 "On approval of the lists of small privatization objects subject to privatization in 2019" (as amended)"

Order of the SPFU RB on the decision on privatization

№ 1243 dated 24.11.2020

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