The State Property Fund and the USAID «Competitive Economy Program» have created explanatory videos about virtual data rooms

Within the framework of the Grant Agreement No. LSGA_001between the State Property Fund of Ukraine and the USAID «Competitive Economy Program», video instructions on the use of virtual data rooms were developed.

Virtual data rooms were created by the State Property Fund in 2020 with the support of the USAID «Competitive Economy Program». It is an electronic repository of information that allows you to view all documents related to privatization objects online.

Maximum disclosure of information on the principle of  «everyone knows everything» is an effective tool in the fight against corruption, it has a positive effect on the transparency of privatization processes and promotes the formation of market prices for assets through fair competition.

We invite everyone to participate in online privatization auctions, and for this, first of all, you should read the information about the objects in the virtual data rooms.

Everyone can learn how it works by watching the video at the following links: (

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