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  • 100% state-owned stake in PJSC “Hotel “Dnipro”

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    Hotel “Dnipro” is located in the heart of Kyiv, near the main square of the country – Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square). The government quarter and the main cultural and historical monuments of Kyiv are located nearby. The main advantages of the hotel are:

    – Excellent transport accessibility due to the location near the main streets and highways of the city, public transport stops and subway;
    – unique views of the park zone of Kyiv and the Dnieper river;
    – large guest parking lot, with a total capacity of 56 parking spaces.

    The hotel has 186 rooms, restaurants, bar, SPA center and several conference rooms.

    The hotel building, with a total area of ​​12 829 sq.m., consists of 12 ground and one technical floors, mezzanine and basement. The rooms are located from 4 to 12 floors. The hotel is located on a plot of land with an area of ​​0.2831 hectares. In addition, in front of the hotel, on a plot of land with an area of ​​0.158 hectares, there is a parking lot. Both plots belong to the company on the right of permanent use.

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  • JSC “First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant”

    JSC “ First Kyiv Machine-building Plant” was founded in 1882. From the last quarter of the XX century the «Bilshovyk» plant became and still remains the leading enterprise among the CIS and Eastern Europe countries in manufacturing of large-tonnage equipment with a big single output for processing rubber, plastics or their waste.

    This plant is actually an only multi-purpose machine-building complex with a full cycle production in the Kyiv City.

    The enterprise offers to its customers services of highly skilled engineers and workers with a big complex of various metal-processing machines, welding, foundry, galvanic instrumental, woodworking and other types of equipment.

    Progressive technological processes are being applied, including plasma fusing, figured cutting, local thermal strengthening, fusing with laser beam etc. All these technological possibilities and the intellectual potential are aimed at manufacturing of a wide range of products.


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  • PRJSC “Indar”

    The company with a complete technological cycle of production of genetically engineered insulins from substance to finished dosage forms. Production by own technology of the whole spectrum of human insulin preparations recombinant. The capacity of Kyiv’s Indar insulin plant allows the production of 13-15 million bottles of the drug per year. The only producer of animal insulin in Ukraine.

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  • PJSC “Centrenergo”

    PJSC “Centrenergo” is one of the leading energy generating companies in Ukraine which is engaged in the production and supply of electricity and heat. It operates 3 combined heat and power plants (CHPs): Vuhlehirska, Zmiivska and Trypilska with total installed capacity of 7 690 MW, which amounts to approx. 15% of total power generation volume in Ukraine, and a separate manufacturing company “Remenergo”, which performs the repair of the main and auxiliary equipment of CHPs. In 2018, Centrenergo’s share of total power generated by all CHPs was 20%. Meanwhile, the company’s total installed capacity reaches 31% which implies significant potential for increasing market share.

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  • JSC “United Mining and Chemical Company”

    JSC United Mining and Chemical Company specializes in development of titanium-zircon deposits and production of rutile, ilmenite and zircon concentrate, and also concentrate enrichment services. The company’s subsidiaries are producing and enriching titanium ore in Ukraine and are one of the world’s largest producers of these minerals.

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  • JSC “President-Hotel”

    4-star hotel in the central business district of Kyiv built in 1990 and reconstructed in 2012. The hotel is in TOP-5 among 25 hotels in the central part of Kyiv by number of rooms. The hotel has 374 rooms with a total area of 8 846 m², 17 conference and banquet rooms with a total area 2 672 m² and parking area of 2 484 m². The total area of the complex is 1,913 hectares. The property complex is in long term lease.

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  • NJSC “Ukragroleasing”

    Company specializes in purchase and leasing of agricultural machinery, vehicles and equipment. The company’s head office is located in Kyiv. The company has a regional network of 25 separate structural units, which are not separate legal entities.

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