Property Complex of SOE “Vinnytsia Aviation Plant”

The property complex includes 30 units of fixed assets with a total area of 26,634.7 square meters, which are registered in the State Register of Real Property Rights.
According to the State Act on the right to permanent use of a land plot, issued to the Vinnytsia Civil Aviation Plant No. 421 in 1980, a land plot with an area of 63.18 hectares was allocated. There is no information regarding the allocation of the land plot of SOE “VIAZ”.


Additional information

Object square 26634,7
Ground square 63,18
Region Vinnytsia
Responsible for the preparation of the object Regional branch of SPFU in Vinnytsia and Khmelnytskyi regions, USREOU code (ЄДРПОУ) 42964094
Contact person for the object Otkydach Tetyana Oleksiivna,, +380432672608
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Order of the Fund dated December 27, 2018 #637 "On approval of lists of small privatization objects to be privatized in 2019"
SPFU order on decision-making on privatization of the object #57 dated 23.01.2019

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