Dmytro Sennychenko at the Forum «Ukraine – 30″: privileges and preferences for the “selected» should remain in the past

Dmytro Sennychenko, Chairmanof the State Property Fund,took part in the All-Ukrainian Forum «Ukraine – 30», which is specifically dedicated to deoligarchization, overcoming corruption and transparent privatization.

According to him, a new system of relations is being formed in Ukraine, which aims to create uniform and fair rules in all spheres of life.

«The topic of the week at the Forum is «Economics without oligarchs». Yesterday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a very clear signal from this podium: «Parties, media, publicservants of all levels, judges, law enforcement officers, supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises should all function without the influence of the capital of oligarchs.«Monopolies, privileges for the selected, preferences for certain financial and industrial groups and, accordingly, losing conditions for citizens should remain in the past» – Dmytro Sennychenko said, adding that a striking example of the effectiveness of this approach is the results of the work of the State Property Fund’steam.

«New transparent rules, including full disclosure of data on privatization objects, the placement of this information online and equal access for all, have allowed us to exceed the plan for budget revenues in 2020 by 6 times. And this is only the beginning of effective changes,» – Chairmanof the Fund emphasized.

He also reminded that this summer the first auction for large-scale privatizationsince 2005 will take place.

«Large-scale privatization has started in Ukraine. It’s for the first time since «Kryvorizhstal». We did this together with the Cabinet of Ministers, the President’s team, members of the Verkhovna Rada and members of the public. I have always emphasized that only joint work will give results,» – Dmytro Sennychenko empgasized.

The State Property Fund also hopes for further cooperation in order to adopt a bill that will enable local communities to develop more actively through privatization funds.

«Part of the funds from privatization in a particular region should go to the development of the respective amalgamated hromada. Therefore, I ask our like-minded people to continue to support our common cause,» -Chairmanof the Fundsaid.

During the present day, the Forum will actively discuss small and large-scale privatization, conditions, principles and expected results from its implementation. We invite everyone to join the event by clicking on the link to the online translation.

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