Privatization auction of State Enterprise “Helium Research Institute”: the price has increased more than 8 times

On December 23, 2020, an auction was held for the privatization of the single property complex of a state enterprise  “Helium Research Institute”. As a result of which the budget should receive UAH 22 million.

Six bidders competed for the ownership of the asset during the auction, which increased the price more than eight times – from the starting UAH 2,517,000 to UAH 22,000,200.

“Helium Research Institute” was founded in 1989. The company owns a three-storey building with an area of 3,750 sq m. in Vinnytsia, as well as non-residential premises with an area of 449.1 sq. m. in Ternopil.

The main activity of the company was to study and manufacture microphones, transistors, semiconductor devices, electronics, pressure sensors, etc. However, for many years the institute has not carried out scientific and production activities, lost patents and technologies.

The winner of the online auction, who offered the highest bid during the auction, after signing the auction protocol, the contract of sale and payment, will receive ownership of the object.

More information about the “Helium Research Institute” can be found at the link.

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