Property complex of SOE “Sumy Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”

Property complex of SOE “Sumy Expertise and Technical  Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”

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Name of the privatization object: property complex of SOE “Sumy Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine”.

Location: Sumy, Kosivshchynska St., 18.

USREOU code: 30175035.

The average number of employees as of 30.09.2021: 34 people.

The main activity, according to the Charter: technical tests and research.

The volume of sales of products (works, services): for 2018 – UAH 16444.0 thousand, for 2019 – UAH 14605.0 thousand, for 2020 – UAH 12886.0 thousand, including export – UAH 0.0 thousand.

Main product range:

  1. Examination of the state of labor protection and safety of industrial production of economic entities.
  2. Inspection, testing, expert examination (technical diagnostics) of machines, mechanisms, high-risk equipment.
  3. State technical inspection of heavy trucks and other technological vehicles.
  4. Training and testing of knowledge on labor protection of officials and other employees of business entities.
  5. Examination of compliance of technological processes, machines, mechanisms of equipment, vehicles, chemicals and their compounds and other dangerous products purchased abroad, regulations on labor protection.
  6. Examination of technological, design and technical documentation for the manufacture of means for compliance with their regulations on labor protection.
  7. Psychophysiological examination.
  8. Technical inspection and certification of buildings and structures.
  9. Non-destructive testing of machines, mechanisms, high-risk equipment.
  10. Examination of declarations of safety of objects of danger.

Volume and main nomenclature of products (works, services):

Period Total income

thousand UAH

Income by main activity, thousand UAH
2018 17033 16444
2019 15433 14605
2020 13328 12886
For 9 months of 2021 10044 9897

The main indicators of economic activity:

Indicators (thousand UAH) 2018 2019 2020  9m 2021
1. Assets 10528 11177 8764 18165
1.1 Non-Current assets 5393 5315 4993 12467
1.2 Current assets 5135 5862 3771 5698
2. Liabilities 10528 11177 8764 18165
3. Total income, including: 17033 15433 13328 10044
3.1 Net income from sales of products (goods, works, services) 16444 14605 12886 9897
4. Total costs, including: 13654 13098 11650 9122
4.1 Cost of goods sold

(goods, works, services)

9846 9606 8496 6500
4.2 Administrative costs 2955 2875 2660 2236
4.4 Other operating costs 100 94 119 167
4.6 Income tax expenses 745 516 372 203
5. Net profit (loss) 3379 2335 1678 922

As of 30.09.2021:

There are no overdue accounts payable.

Current accounts payable, including:

  • wage arrears – UAH 417,609.16;
  • payroll taxes – UAH 205,571.43;
  • other accounts payable – UAH 2,980,310.17.

Information about the object (real estate), located at: Sumy, Kosivshchynska St., 18:

Name Total area (sq. m.) Registration number Basis  of ownership Form of ownership and owner
Part of non-residential administrative premises 692.4 28672359101 Information from the State Register of Real Property Rights and the Register of Real Estate Ownership Rights, the State Register of Mortgages, the Unified Register of Prohibitions on the Alienation of Real Estate Objects in relation to the immovable property 275688627 dated 20.09.2021 state
Part of non-residential premises of the garage 107.2 28672359101 state

Functional use:

  • administrative premises
  • garage

Information on movable property: the company’s balance sheet includes motor vehicles – FORD TRANSIT Custom V362 M6 LWB Tourneo FWD300, CHEVROLET Cruze, JF6959, FORD TRANSIT, RENAULT LOGAN 4417 and trailer 183210.

The company’s balance sheet does not include objects that are not subject to privatization.

Volumes of emissions and discharges of pollutants into the environment, waste generation and disposal, information on payment of environmental fees and charges:

  • 2018 – UAH 51.02;
  • 2019 – UAH 37.36;
  • 2020 – UAH 35.42.

Privatization conditions:

  • preservation of the main activities of the enterprise for 1 year;
  • prevention of dismissal of employees during 6 months;
  • repayment of debts on wages and before the budget within 1 month;
  • repayment of overdue accounts payable within 3 months.

Time and place of inspection of the object: on working days from 8-00 to 16-00 at the location of the object: Sumy, Kosivshchynska St., 18.

Contact person at the site: Head of the General Department of the SOE “Sumy Expertise and Technical Center of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine” Mykhailo V. Shmat. Phone: (+380542) 61-14-51, +38099-3439792, E-mail:

Auction organizer: Regional branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Poltava and Sumy regions: 36014, Poltava, Nebesnoy Sotni St., 1/23, website address –

Contact person of the auction organizer: Natalia M. Bilobrova, Larisa V. Kurylenko. Phone for inquiries at Sumy (+380542) 36-11-32.

Additional information

Region Sumy
Contact person for the object Natalia M. Bilobrova,, +380502788636
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated 13.12.2019 № 1321 "On amendments to the order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated 27.12.2018 № 1637 "On approval of the lists of small privatization objects subject to privatization in 2019 "(as amended)"
Order of the SPFU RV on the decision on privatization № 1587 dated 20.11.2020

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