Property complex of SOE “Electronmash”

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65 625 065

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₴430 000 000

Property complex of SOE “Electronmash”.

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Name of the privatization object: property complex of SOE “Electronmash”.

Location: Kyiv, Kiltseva doroha St., 4.

USREOU code (ЄДРПОУ): 14312789.

The average number of employees as of 30.09.2021: 136 people.

The main type of economic activity according to the to the Charter: production of computers and periphery equipment.

The volume of sales of products (works, services) for the period 2018 – 30.09.2021: UAH 96 041.00 thousand, including export – UAH 39 897.00 thousand.

Main product range:

  • 27.11 Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers;
  • 25.62.20 Mechanical production according to drawings of the customer, products of mechanical processing of metals;
  • 25.62.10 Services in turning of metal products;
  • 25.61.11 Services for the application of metal coatings on metals (galvanic coating of metal products);
  • Manufacture of parts for machines and mechanical appliances, obtained by sheet metal stamping;
  • 26.11 Manufacture of electronic components.

Including export:

  • 27.11. Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers;
  • 26.11 Manufacture of electronic components.

Volume and main nomenclature of products (works, services):

Period Total income

thousand UAH

Income by main activity, thousand UAH
2018 44000,00 41696,00
2019 26258,00 21536,00
2020 14709,00 14709,00
30.09.2021 11074,00 7 614,00

The main indicators of economic activity:

Indicators (thousand UAH) 2018 2019 2020 9m of 2021
1. Assets 112684,00 93479,00 87392,00 72535,00
1.1 Non-Current assets 87359,00 80408,00 76491,00 66358,00
1.2 Current assets 25325,00 13071,00 10901,00 6177,00
2. Liabilities 112684,00 93479,00 87392,0 72535,00
3. Total income, including: 44000,00 26258,00 14709,00 11074,00
3.1 Net income from sales of products (goods, works, services) 41696,00 21536,00 14709,00 11040,00
4. Total costs, including: 52464,00 43157,00 25588,00 30464,00
4.1 Cost of goods sold

(goods, works, services)

34415,00 35023,00 22243,00 11269,00
4.2 Administrative costs 15250,00 5725,00 3060,00 1514,00
4.4 Other operating costs 2351,00 1664,00 124,00 13401,00
4.6 Income tax expenses 203,00 7,00
5. Net profit (loss) -8464,00 -16899,00 -10879,00 19390,00

As of 30.09.2021:

Current accounts payable – UAH 17,204,043.00.

Overdue accounts payable – UAH 16,821,925.00, including:

  • wage arrears – UAH 6,137,710.67;
  • payroll taxes – UAH 2,767,902.68;
  • other accounts payable – UAH 7,916,311.65.

Information about the object (real estate):  the object includes 37 units of registered real estate (buildings and structures for industrial purposes, warehouses, refuge, canteen, recreation center, etc.) with a total area of ​​110668.29 sq. m., located at:

  • Kyiv, Kiltseva doroha St., 4;
  • Chernihiv region, Chernihiv district, Sokolivka village, Peremohy St., 49a.

Information about land plots:

Location address Land area (ha) Cadastral number Purpose of the land plot Form of ownership, grounds for the right to use the land plot, information on encumbrances
Petropavlivska Borshchahivka village, Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district,

Kyiv region

137617 3222485901




State property

Extract from the State Land Cadastre of land, date of registration of land  plot 24.10.2014

Sokolivka village, Kozelets district, Chernihiv region 49000 absent Land plot under the recreation center State property

Act on the right of permanent use

B №078027, 1987

Dzvinkove village, Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region It is in coordination with the village council absent Agricultural purposes State property

Act on the right of permanent use ІІ-КВ №003224-116

dated 12.02.1997

As of 30.09.2021, 32 units (vehicles, trucks and special machinery) are accounted for on the balance sheet of the SOE.

As of 30.09.2021, part of the property with a total area of ​​2,837.20 sq. m. is leased in accordance with 7 lease agreements. The deadline for all available lease agreements is August 5, 2029.

On the balance of the enterprise there is an object that is not subject to privatization, namely: underground civil defense shelter in the building №2 at the address: Kyiv, Kiltseva doroha St., 4.

Volumes of emissions and discharges of pollutants into the environment, waste generation and disposal in 2020 are absent.

Environmental payments for 2020: (according to the form №1 – environmental costs (annual) actually paid in total – 0.878 thousand UAH.

Privatization conditions:

  • preventing the dismissal of employees during 6 months;
  • repayment of debts on wages and before the budget, overdue accounts payable within 6 months;
  • compliance with the requirements and additional restrictions of environmental legislation on the use of the object – a recreation center, located at: Chernihiv region, Chernihiv district, Sokolivka village, Peremohy St., 49 a, which is part of the SPC, for 6 months;
  • maintenance of protective structures of civil defense in readiness for use as intended at their own expense.

Time and place of inspection of the object: on working days from 9-00 to 16-00 at the address: 03180 Kyiv, Kiltseva doroha St., 4.

Responsible person: Volodymyr Y. Chorny.  Phone: +38044-40643-33, +38073-352-32-39, e-mail:

Auction organizer: Regional Branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Kyiv, Kyiv, Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard, 50-G, website address –

Phones for inquiries: (+38044) 281-00-35.

Additional information

Bid date 27.01.2022
Region Kyiv
Responsible for the preparation of the object REGIONAL BRANCH OF THE STATE PROPERTY FUND OF UKRAINE IN THE CITY OF KYIV, USREOU code 19030825
Contact person for the object Roman Romanenko,, +380634072457
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated 06.10.2020 № 1619 "On amendments to the order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated 28.12.2019 № 1574 "On approval of the lists of small privatization objects subject to privatization in 2020" (as amended) №1619 dated 06.10.2020
Order of the SPFU RV on the decision on privatization № 866 dated 21.10.2020
Method of privatization Auction with/without conditions
Initial cost 65625064.5
Warranty fee 6562506.45
Acceptance of applications to 26/01/2022
The price is offered by the winner 430000000

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