JSC “Khmelnytskoblenergo”

Category: Status: being prepared

The company provides transmission and supply of electricity in Khmelnytsky region. The company occupies about 80% of the market in the region. The company serves 550,310 domestic consumers and 20,170 commercial and industrial customers. Retail, industrial and other commercial enterprises are the main customers, whose sales are 42%, 13% and 11%, respectively. Installed transformation capacity – 3 341 MW-A (7 522 substations). PJSC “Khmelnitskoblenergo” owns 33,000 km of overhead lines and 1,500 km of cable transmission lines.


Business activity: power distribution in Khmelnytskyi region. The operation area is 20.6 thousand sq. km.

Facilities: The total length of power grid lines is 34,000 km. The number of substations is 7.705. Total power output amounts to 2 181.379 million kWh.

Average number of employees: 2954/

Land plot: 
owned: 0.5 ha
in use: 139.9 ha
rented: 120.9 ha

Legal obligations: no data

Additional information: JSC “Khmelnytskoblenergo” includes 21 regional electric grid.

Share proposed for privatization: 70% (30% owned by individuals and businesses)

Starting price: ТВС

Investment advisor: not selected

Additional information

Ground square 261.3
Part Capital 70.0089
Asset address 29018, Хмельницька обл., м. Хмельницький, вул. Храновського, 11А.
Region Khmelnytsky
Type of activity according to NACE 35.13 Розподілення електроенергії.
Type of object of Large privatization пакет акцій
Responsible for the preparation of the object ФДМУ
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Розпорядження КМУ від 16.01.2019 № 36-р
Order of the SPFU RV on the decision on privatization від 08.06.2018 № 757
Governing body ФДМУ
EDRPOU code 00032945
Registration number 22767506

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