Expertise and Technical Centers of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine are operating enterprises that provide scientific and technical support to state supervision in the field of labor protection, occupational health, industrial safety and compliance with labor legislation, expert assessment of industrial safety and technology of a high-risk objects, as well as obtain a proven competence for inspection activities in the field of labor protection.

The main activities of enterprises are:

  • expertise of the safety of businesses to confirm their ability to perform high-risk works and operate machines, mechanisms, high-risk equipment for the issuance of permits for high-risk works and operation (use) of machines, mechanisms, high-risk equipment;
  • expertise of project documentation for construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, etc. of production facilities and engineering infrastructures;
  • expertise of machines, equipment, vehicles purchased abroad for compliance with regulations on industrial safety and labor protection;
  • identification of objects of increased danger;
  • expertise of safety declarations of high-risk objects;
  • registration of passports for high-risk equipment;
  • certification of jobs under labor conditions;
  • sanitary and hygienic research of factors of the production environment of the labor process;
  • psychophysiological expertise of personnel for professional selection for all types of high-risk works.
  • technical inspection, testing, expert examination, technical diagnostics of machines, mechanisms, high-risk equipment.
  • expertise of the condition of buildings, structures (periodic and extraordinary inspection of buildings (structures) and engineering networks, their certification;
  • services of a construction laboratory (testing by destructive and non-destructive methods of mortars, concrete, bricks, sand, rubble and other building materials and structures);
  • technical inspection, testing, expert examination, technical diagnostics of electrical equipment of power plants and networks, technological electrical equipment with voltage over 1000 V;
  • certification of the state of safety of electrical installations of consumers;
  • expert inspection of electrical installations that have reached the service life limit;
  • all types of electrical measurements in electrical installations up to 1000V;
  • testing of electrical protective equipment used in electrical installations of all types of voltage;
  • high-voltage measurements and tests in electrical installations up to and including 10 kV;
  • search for cable routes, burning and damage detection of cable lines up to and including 10 kV;
  • transformer oil testing;
  • preparation of operational documentation for earthing devices of electrical installations, overhead lines, cable lines, power transformers, complex transformer substations;
  • organization and conduct of training and testing of knowledge on occupational safety of managers, officials and specialists of enterprises, institutions and organizations, etc.

Requirements for expert organizations

Enterprises, regardless of the form of ownership, can perform expertise in the field of labor protection and safety of industrial production. Details on the requirements for expert organizations that intend to perform examinations – in the Order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine dated 12.04.2018 № 507.

The State Property Fund of Ukraine received for sale through privatization electronic auctions 23 expertise and technical centers of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine in all regions of Ukraine.

Expertise and Technical Centers of the State Service for Labor of Ukraine

Privatization status:

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