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PJSC “Polohivskyi Chemical Factory “Koaguliant”

Region:243, Lesi Ukrainky str., Polohy town, Zaporizhzhia oblast
Privatization in: 2008 y.

In 2008 was completed privatization of PJSC “Polohivskyi Chemical Factory “Koaguliant”. The Joint-Stock Company was created by transformation of Polohivskyi Chemical Factory “Koaguliant” which was one of the oldest and unique specialization producers of coagulant on the territory of Ukraine and countries of the near abroad and began his activity in 1940.

Now the Polohivskyi Chemical Factory “Koaguliant” LLC (successor of the this joint-stock company) is innovation enterprise of chemical industry of Ukraine which specializes in the development and industrial adaptation of modern technologies in the field of water treatment, sewage treatment,condensation and dewatering of sludge using reagents of their own production.The company carries out a full cycle of manufacture of chemical reagents of special purposewhich are used in the processing of industrial return water of open and closed systems of water supply, washing and disinfection of food industry equipment, etc.

The Polohivskyi Chemical Factory “Koaguliant” constantly expanding the products line using its own scientific potential combined with the production experience of the leading profile companies of the European Union. The quality management system of Pologovskogo chemical plant "Coagulant" has been certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

The high quality of factory’s products is well known not only in Ukraine. The enterprise constantly sells the coagulants to Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, countries of Baltic region and Middle Asia.  Besides, the company has long-term partnership relations with known European leaders in a sphere of reagent water purification.

Workers of the Polohivskyi Chemical Factory “Koaguliant” have high qualification and are its main value. The company has socially responsible policy on labor, employment, providing support to workers, invalids, veterans, conducts extensive charitable and sponsorship activities.