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Cinema “Jubilee”

Region:Khust, Zakarpattia Oblast
Privatization in: 2000 y.
Investor:Private Individual

The cinema was in need of a complete renovation of the building. In December 2010, the reconstruction was completed. The new cinema was given a new name - "Tysa", which is consonant with the name of the largest river of the Carpathians, which carries its waters through the town of Khust. The total amount of investment in the update of the object is about UAH 800 000. Renovated building in the Central part of the city of Khusthas a modern, clean look. In the foyer is convenient for visitors to enjoy a café-bar. Comfortable hallfor watching movies, decorated in the hi-tech style, is designed for 340 people. In addition to film screenings, the hall can be used for conferences, symposia and other meetings. The cinema is equipped with modern lighting and air conditioning. The operation of the cinema is provided by 15 people.