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Trade Enterprise "Gudok"

Full Name: Trade Enterprise "Gudok"
Address: Kyiv City, Aerodromna street, 14
Auction Type: With increasing ↑
Starting Price: ТВD
Guarantee Deposit: ТВD
Application Deadline: ТВD
Auction Date and Time: ТВD
Responsible for Preparation: RD of SPFU in Kyiv (Kyiv, 50g Shevchenka blv.), +38 (044) 200-25-29
Supervisor: Sales of Objects of Small Privatization Administration, 18/9 Kutuzova str., +38 (044) 280-52-40

In Brief

By order of the state property Fund from 20.10.2015 No. 1533 object is included in the list of objects of state ownership of the group And for privatization.
Real estate, which area is 2118.00 m2, namely an administrative building - 276 m2, warehouses - 1180 m2, garages - 122 m2-31 m2, on the canopy - 168 m2, warehouse of fuel - 21 m2, a shed of 320 m2.

Sale Conditions