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PJSC "Sumykhimprom"

Full Name: Public Joint-Stock Company "Sumykhimprom"
Address: 40003, Sumy region, Sumi, Kharkivska st., p/o 12
Auction Type: ТВD
Starting Price: ТВD
Guarantee Deposit: ТВD
Application Deadline: ТВD
Auction Date and Time: ТВD
Responsible for Preparation: ТВD
Supervisor: Department of privatization, SPFU, Kyiv, 18/9 General Almazov str., +38 (044) 200-32-29

In Brief

PJSC "Sumykhimprom" is the chemical industry plant, which produces: mineral fertilizers, coagulants and additives to cement, acids, titanium dioxide and pigments, and another types of chemical products.

PJSC "Sumykhimprom" has the status of the base enterprise of the chemical industry branch of Ukraine for the production of phosphoric mineral fertilizers.

Sale Conditions