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Private JSC “Tyumen-Medyko-Smila”

Full Name: Private JSC “Tyumen-Medyko-Smila”
Address: 20708, Cherkasy region, Smila City, 24/4 Mazura str., tel./fax: (04733) 4-33-54.
Auction Type: ТВD
Starting Price: ТВD
Guarantee Deposit: ТВD
Application Deadline: ТВD
Auction Date and Time: ТВD
Responsible for Preparation: ТВD
Supervisor: Department of privatization, Kyiv City, 18/9 Henerala Almazova str., +38 (044) 200-35-29

In Brief

Ukrainian enterprise with foreign investments Private JSC “Tyumen-Medyko-Smila” registered on 20.05.2002. Business activity started in November, 2003.

The main activity of the company JSC "Tyumen-Medyko-Smila" is the production of syringes and single use devices for infusion solutions on the basis of modern technologies.

The company`s products are in demand on the national market.

Sale Conditions