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Peremyshlyany instrument-making plant "Module

Full Name: Peremyshlyany instrument-making plant "Module
Address: Galitskaya str. 72, m. Peremyshlyany, Lviv region, 81200
Auction Type: With increasing ↑
Starting Price: 298 051,25 UAH
Guarantee Deposit: 14 902,57 UAH
Application Deadline: 20.02.2018 13:00
Auction Date and Time: 21.02.2018 10:00
Responsible for Preparation: RD of SPFU in Lviv region (Lviv, 3 Sitchovykh Striltsiv str.), +38 (032) 272-88-95
Supervisor: Management of operational planning of sales of objects of groups B, G SPFU, Kyiv, 18/9 Generala Almazova str., +38(044) 200-30-17

In Brief

The subject of activity of CJSC "Peremyshlyany instrument-making plant "Module" is the production of non-standard equipment, repair and starting-up and adjustment works, manufacture of printed circuit boards and the manufacture and sale of consumer goods.

The company produces products in small quantity, single orders.

Basically - it hardware products: bolts, screws, rivets M2-M6 length to 50mm and mastered the production of energy-saving lamps for street lighting of cities and villages by replacing existing fixtures metalogenic and mercury lamps with a capacity of 250-500 W/h led lamps of 40 watts/hour.

The company enjoys a land area of 3,1285 ha, the title documents for the land plot ZAO not decorated.

In the ownership of ZAO Peremyshlyany instrument-making plant "Module"  there are 8 buildings production facilities.

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