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OJSC "Zaporizhoblenergo"

Full Name: OJSC "Zaporizhoblenero"
Address: Zaporizhya Oblast, Zaporizhya, Stalevariv street, 14
Auction Type: ТВD
Starting Price: ТВD
Guarantee Deposit: ТВD
Application Deadline: ТВD
Auction Date and Time: ТВD
Responsible for Preparation: ТВD
Supervisor: Department of Privatization, SPFU, Kyiv, 18/9 General Almazov str., +38 (044) 200-32-29

In Brief

PJSC "Zaporizhyaoblenergo" is a top-10 electricity distributor in Ukraine, supplying electricity to the heavily industrialized Zaporizhya region. 

The Company serves 783k residential customers and 23k commercial and large industrial enterprises including:
 steelmakers Zaporizhstal and Dniprospetsstal, Zaporizhya Ferroalloy; engineering plants (e.g. Motor Sich).

The oblenergo owns a 40 000 km low-voltage transmission grid with 9 749 MVA of installed capacity. Number of employees at the Company is ca 5 800.The State holds 60.25% stake of the Company.

Sale Conditions