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PJSC «Ukrnaftoproduct»

Full Name: Private Joint-Stock Company «Ukrnaftoproduct»
Address: 01030, Kyiv, Verkhovna Rada boulevard, 34
Auction Type: With increasing ↑
Starting Price: 12 217 649,20 UAH
Guarantee Deposit: 610 882,46 UAH
Application Deadline: 23.01.2018 13:00
Auction Date and Time: 24.01.2018 10:00
Responsible for Preparation: ТВD
Supervisor: Department of Privatization, SPFU, Kyiv, 18/9 General Almazov str., +38 (044) 200-33-53

In Brief

Joint-Stock Holding Company «Ukrnaftoproduct» was established according to the resolution of The Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine from 30.01.1998 №103. The company is the assignee of Ukrainian association of provision of oil and oil products «Ukrnaftoproduct».

Share capitalof Joint-Stock Holding Company «Ukrnaftoproduct»was formed on the basis of property of Ukrainian association and blocks of shares of regional enterprises, which provide oil.

According to the decreeof thegeneral meeting of shareholders from 05.09.2013 the name of the company was changed to Public Joint-Stock Company «Ukrnaftoproduct».

The main activity of the company is the sale of oil productsto Ukrainian consumers.  The sale of oil products carried out in bulk. 

Sale Conditions

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