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Tiernopil radio-plant "Orion"

Full Name: Public JSC Tiernopil radio-plant "Orion"
Address: Ternopil City, 15 Kvitnya street, 6
Auction Type: ТВD
Starting Price: ТВD
Guarantee Deposit: ТВD
Application Deadline: ТВD
Auction Date and Time: ТВD
Responsible for Preparation: RD of SPFU in Ternopil region (Ternopil, 11 Tantsorova str.), +38 (0352) 25-39-88
Supervisor: Department of Privatization SPFU, Kyiv, 18/9 General Almazov str., +38 (044) 280-29-10

In Brief

The main activity - manufacture of communication equipment.
The average number of employees - 603 people.
Not recognized in the prescribed manner, as such that occupies monopolistic position on the national and regional markets.
Information on real estate and land area:
Number of constructions: 23 units.
Number of buildings: 13 units.
Warehouse area of 5.6 thousand sq. meters.
Production area – 35,0 sq. m.
Office area – 8,59 thousand sq. m.
Other ancillary facilities with 50.23 thousand sq. m.
Total land area – 14,0991 ha:

Sale Conditions