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About Fund

State Property Fund is a central executive body with a special status, which implements the policies in areas of privatization, lease, use, disposal, management of state property and corporate rights of the state, and also regulates professional valuation activities in Ukraine.

Mission of the Fund is to increase investment attractiveness and competitiveness of Ukrainian economy.

In order to achieve it, Strategy of the Fund – is transparent and professional management of state
property of Ukraine.

For its implementation the Fund adheres to the following Values in the interest of the Ukrainian nation:

  1.  transparency;
  2.  professionalism;
  3.  legality;
  4. equality.

The main goal of the Fund is transparent privatization of state property in Ukraine.

In order to attract a large number of potential domestic and foreign investors
the Fund sticks to 5 «PRO-rules»:

  • program of privatization known in advance;
  • process of objects preparation is transparent;
  • procedures and competitive conditions are equal;
  • prognosis and calculation of starting price are clear;
  • proper and transparent tenders.

Adhering to these values and regulations will help the Fund to implement its vision – to become the best public institution, worthy trust of business and the people of Ukraine.